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'm a 16-year real estate investor and have over 18 years of local marketing experience. My goal is to network with like-minded people who are passion about real estate, and the marketing side of it.
The difference between people who are successful in real estate, and those who just struggle to close one deal a real estate marketing and more real estate marketing.
Hope to share my knowledge with the greatest real estate community in the world. "BiggerPockets"
Don't forget about my free 52 week real estate marketing course listed on my website below. Here are the subjects that you will receive each week.
Week 1 – Setting Up Shop
Week 2 – Online Research
Week 3 – Offline Research
Week 4 – Setup a Website
Week 5 – Creating the Site
Week 6 – Setup Auto responder
Week 7 – Creating the Videos
Week 8 – Home Page Video
Week 9 – Creating a Lead Magnet
Week 10 – Promoting Lead Magnet
Week 11 – Building an Online Presence
Week 12 - Profile Sites and Citation Sites
Week 13 – Important Content for Your Profiles and Citations
Week 14 - Promote, Promote, Promote
Week 15 - Getting Reviews 101
Week 16 – How Blogging Incresed my Leads by 50%
Week 17 - How to Do Keyword Research to Find the Targeted Keywords
Week 18 - How to Write 1,000 Words a Day
Week 19 - How to Format Your Content
Week 20 - How to Make Every Blog Post SEO-Friendly
Week 21 - How to Link to Useful Local Resources
Week 22 - How Often Should I Write and Publish Blog Posts?
Week 23 – # Tips For Using Newspaper Companies To Leave Your Competition In The Dust
Week 24 - Master The Art Of Radio Marketing With These # Tips
Week 25 – How to Use Real Estate Workshops to Network and Build Leads
Week 26 - Pros and Cons of Purchasing and Mailing to a List
Week 27 - How I Eliminate Tire Kickers in My Direct Mail Campaign with Automation
Week 28 – Getting a Higher Response Rate
Week 29 – Beware of Using Landing Pages
Week 30 – YouTube Domination: I Accumulated 164,748 Visitors, 9,784 Subscribers and 100 Opt-ins Per Day
Week 31 - Creation Process of Getting Your Videos Put Together
Week 32 – Facebook Marketing 101
Week 33 – Twitter Marketing 101
Week 34 – Pinterest Marketing 101
Week 35 – Forums Marketing 101
Week 36 – Writing for Local Publications
Week 37 – T-shirst Marketing
Week 38 – Guest Posting for Local Domination
Week 39 - Complete List of 60 Dofollow Bookmarking Websites
Week 40 - 50 Top Article Directories for SEO and Link Building
Week 41 - List of the 128 Top Web 2.0’s Website
Week 42- Juicy Business Card Marketing Ideas Every Business Should Steal from Me
Week 43 -Getting the best Hosting Bluehost
Week 44 – SEO in Practice
Week 45 - Google Analytics
Week 46 – Google Webmaster
Week 47 – Google Alerts
Week 48 – Reputation Management
Week 49 – What is Buzzstream
Week 50 – People Buzzstream
Week 51 – Website Buzzstream
Week 52 – Staying Consists With Marketing
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Real Estate Marketing Consultant Antonio Coleman is a 18 year online/internet marketer who taking his skills on the road to dominating the real estate industry. He's taking the knowledge from his real estate experience on top of the tons of success of online marketing and put it all in one simple to read ebook.
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