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“Do you know anybody looking to buy or sell a home?” This is the age-old question Realtors use to ask their network for referrals. After all, an agent’s sphere of influence accounts for over 60% of their business. Original link Original author: Inman Content Studio
Think about your iPhone. Now think about Amazon. What do they have in common? Both are feats of engineering and technology. They provide convenience and reliability. But both also offer something else beyond the technology: an excellent customer experience. Original link Original author: Kent Nies
In luxury real estate, agents often refer to their “sphere of influence”, their professional colleagues and contacts, past and present clients, and future prospects. It sounds like a social network, and it is. That’s why social media can be an asset to any real estate agent looking to extend their reach and build their personal and professional bra
The real estate industry has a learning curve problem. While it has a shallow entry to get started as a real estate agent, it’s a steep uphill climb to become a successful agent. Ask any top performer how they achieved their success and they’ll cite two factors. The first is hard work. And the second is excellent training. Original link Original au
The edges of the business, including mortgage, settlement and insurance, have become core to broker profitability. What’s next, and how does the use of data impact broker success? Original link Original author: Inman
The beginning is always the hardest, and it can be overwhelming for a newbie. But by pursuing these six avenues, new agents can get their business up and running and, most importantly, profitable by taking action every day. Original link Original author: Matt Kaestner
The user experience requirements are vastly different if your end user is a real estate agent versus a consumer. Get tips and tricks to help you better design for your intended audience. Original link Original author: Inman
Most successful team leaders eventually have to decide whether to keep producing or take on more of a leadership role. Listen in as Kris Lindahl, Wendy Papasan, Noel Berk and Julie Vanderblue talk through the decision-making process. Original link Original author: Inman
There are times when agents should use a script and other times when they shouldn’t. Get the inside scoop from experts on how to navigate tricky conversations and the top phrases and questions they recommend to ensure the sale.  Original link Original author: Inman
The issues and potential threat that the Moehrl lawsuit poses to the real estate industry, specifically in regard to sharing listings and compensation through the MLS, have been outlined — but in this two-part series, you'll be taken on a deep dive into the mistakes, errors and problems contained within this complaint. Original link Original author
Get tips on how to make the most of your relationships with vendors, and learn how to create a successful strategy that works for your brokerage. Original link Original author: Inman
Celebrity real estate agent and The Agency CEO Mauricio Umansky has been hit with a second lawsuit over the 2016 sale of a Miami mansion. Original link Original author: Veronika Bondarenko
In a shifting market, how can brokerages stay ahead of the game and be proactive about what’s to come? Find out from Red Oak Realty's Vanessa Bergmark, Benchmark Property Management's Lee Arnold and Laer Realty Partners' Stacey Alcorn onstage at Inman Connect New York.  Original link Original author: Inman
Eric Wu said he envisions a future where everyone uses Opendoor to buy and sell their home in a frictionless transaction that is eventually low-cost or free. Original link Original author: Teke Wiggin
You know real estate is getting out of hand when people are paying $1.5 million — or $17,500 a day – to rent a temporary summer property. Original link Original author: Veronika Bondarenko
Radical Galaxy Studio recently launched a tour product for agents who sell new-build condos, residences and apartments from showroom floors. It's a VR content management system called Ground Control, no VR headset required. Original link Original author: Craig C. Rowe
As the regional executive vice president of the eastern seaboard and midwest regions at Coldwell Banker NRT, Sue Yannaccone oversees 239 Coldwell Banker offices. Original link Original author: Patrick Kearns
The week's top real estate industry stories plus top Inman Connect New York talks you can't miss. Original link Original author: Dani Vanderboegh
The new parcel-level disaster data is available as a free add-on to the VeroVALUE service, which the company describes as an AVM that provides realistic value ranges for properties across the country. Original link Original author: Jim Dalrymple II
A New Campaign to Distinguish Who REALTORS® Are via @RISMediaUpdates Original link Original author: NAR Media Relations
Here's How Much Home Staging Can Pay Off for Sellers via @realtordotcom @claretrap @NAR_Research Original link Original author: NAR Media Relations
Real estate teams appear to have increased their marketshare dramatically since the housing crisis, according to a new analysis. Original link Original author: Teke Wiggin
The California Association of Realtors has put its considerable might behind several proposed bills meant to boost the state's housing supply. Original link Original author: Andrea V. Brambila
Rather than agonizing over what to say and do during a call, focus on what not to do. Here are five things you should never do when cold calling. Original link Original author: Mike Jeneralczuk
It seems as though baby boomers, once a dominant force in every industry, will be left by the wayside if they don't adapt to today's technology. That's why this boomer agent has taken to texting — a method of communication that has worked very well with millennial and Gen X clients and agents. Original link Original author: Brenda King