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Welcome to our first episode. Here’s where we get the inside story of Gary’s journey from aspiring rock star to rocking the real estate world. See how a series of good decisions, a millionaire mindset, and the sheer will to succeed laid the groundwork for the tour de force at the forefront of real estate today. Original link Original author: Inman
July 8, 2019 – Inman in partnership with Keller Williams announced it is bringing Gary Keller’s new Think Like a CEO podcast series to the Inman audience. Original link Original author: Lauren Walker
Charlie Young talks to Inman about the changes hitting real estate, his competitors' tech offerings and the ongoing rebrand. Original link Original author: Patrick Kearns
"Most people don’t spend enough time to study what’s going on around them to to get a sense of what can happen ... can you be the disruptor? Or are you going to be the disrupted?" - Gary Keller Original link Original author: Inman Content Studio
Each week, we talk to agents across the country about what they’ve learned along the way (and what they wish they had known as new agents). This week, NAR 30 Under 30 finalist Khoi Le. Original link Original author: Christy Murdock Edgar
When you think of a second home, most people's minds immediately go to a beachside retreat or a cabin nestled on the side of the mountain. But outside of vacation homes, many second homes serve solely as investment properties, and with urban sectors experiencing significant price growth, it can be a great place for homeowners to invest.  Original l
If you’re spending too much time working on your business, rather than creating memories with those you care about, try this 10-step process. It makes no difference which step you take first. The point is to begin the process and build from there.  Original link Original author: Bernice Ross
When building a successful website, there are two things to keep in mind: 1. Your brand. 2. Your target audience. In the 15 years that Propertybase has been building real estate websites, we have seen time and time again when there was too much focus on the brand and not on the user or vice versa. Original link Original author: John Voigt
Many Inman readers have spent their entire careers in real estate & with great success. As a relatively new student of this business, following 12 years leading iTunes digital marketing at Apple, I am struck by the many opportunities to differentiate & thrive as the direct result of new technology & innovation. Original link Original author: Inman
I think I speak for most real estate professionals when I say my passion is helping people. But while most of us focus on our clients, I also work with my fellow real estate agents to help further their personal and professional development. Original link Original author: Ryan Secrist
In the last few days, a scad of natural disaster memories flooded back to me. Some were deadly and some came with happy endings. Original link Original author: Brad Inman
How do you plan ahead and ensure you’re spending wisely as a brand new agent? We talked to experienced agents and financial planners to get some of their must-dos for keeping your financial life on track your first year in real estate. Original link Original author: Christy Murdock Edgar
In this recent video interview, the “Million Dollar Listing LA” star gives us a lesson in how not to act as an agent. When asked about her average sales price, her response was unlike anything I've experienced in all my years as a podcast host. Original link Original author: Pat Hiban
Four apartments at the architect's iconic Price Tower in Oklahoma could be converted into affordable housing, according to officials. Original link Original author: Veronika Bondarenko
After spending a number of months working with a network of connected devices in his own home, Inman’s tech reporter has come to a conclusion about whether smart tech can help sell a home. Find out what it is here. Original link Original author: Craig C. Rowe
It's time for agents to forget IDX as a way to generate leads. It's an antiquated strategy that's dominated by the Zillows of the real estate world. Here's what agents should do instead. Original link Original author: Andre Bodnar
Developer Jerry Wolkoff drew anger and lawsuits after whitewashing an iconic Queens graffiti spot to make way for luxury towers. Original link Original author: Veronika Bondarenko
The ever-evolving sales acceleration platform's Facebook advertising tool automates much of the process for creating and running dynamic ads via DARE on the social media giant. Original link Original author: Craig C. Rowe
Maëlle Gavet spoke at length with Inman about the results of Compass' technology push, her working relationship with Robert Reffkin, the departure of multiple executives and what exactly Compass has accomplished. Original link Original author: Patrick Kearns
Watch Byron Lazine and Nicole White give a real estate agent’s perspective on industry-related topics. This week, they delve into the Inman Innovator finalists in the podcast category. No bias here, mostly professional curiosity. Original link Original author: Byron Lazine