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Real estate agents are already fluent in the art of storytelling, whether through well-crafted words, compelling images, or dynamic video. And these tools have only become more important as more client interactions take place online. But choosing where to spend your time online can be a challenge. Which channels are most worth your investment? And
Blurring the boundary between indoor and outdoor spaces can help living spaces feel larger and bring more natural light into homes. The following three homes, including a contemporary beach home in Southern California, a cozy terrace in Oregon and a light-filled addition in London, each offer ideas for...Original author: Lauren Dunec Design
Embracing easy summer living can be as simple as spending time each day on your front porch. There is something utterly relaxing about hanging out on the porch, whether it’s to sip morning coffee or unwind at the end of the day — and then there’s the added perk of making your neighborhood feel warmer,...Original author: Laura Gaskill
The kitchen tends to be the room in our home that needs the most cleaning. The good news is that, with a little planning, you can have a design that makes cleaning a breeze and allows you to spend less time mopping and more time enjoying your space. Check out these expert tips from Eva Byrne of Houseology;...Original author: Victoria Harrison
The types of objections we're hearing now are going to be with us for a while, and they may become our new normal, so we need to be able to ease clients' fears.Original linkOriginal author: Missy Yost
Adding color to garden beds can be a small way to enhance your yard, add curb appeal (if in the front yard) and even lift your spirits. Whether you like sizzling hot color combinations or prefer calming pastel hues, there’s a summer planting palette for you. Combinations that rely on flowering perennials...Original author: Lauren Dunec Design
If you are ready to transform your garage from dumping ground to a useful, well-organized space, this plan is for you. It breaks down a monster of a task into manageable steps, so you can stop fearing your garage and finally start...Original author: Laura Gaskill
Selling yourself is a little bit like dating. You have to make a great first impression. So, here are a few things to keep in mind if you want to impress your clients from the get-go and make them feel like you're the perfect fit for their needs.Original linkOriginal author: Ron Wynn
With the country starting to reopen, it might finally be time to stop hoarding toilet paper. Which means it might also be time to kick all that extra stuff out of your living room—like the surplus of cleaning supplies, kitchen-overflow of canned soup, and the many, many bottles of water.Call us crazy, but we also think it’s the perfect time to give
tenra/Getty ImagesSheltering in place means we’re working, socializing, and eating at home more than ever. But all that snacking and cooking can lead to more food waste, which can attract pests like rodents and insects—even if you haven’t previously seen them in or around your home.“The pests that are more out in force during the pandemic outbreak
RT @NAR_Research: NAR Research compiles the latest housing market data in this weekly monitor, based on what REALTORS® are seeing in their market, mortgage data, jobless claims, foot traffic, and the latest home sales numbers. linkOriginal author: NAR Media Relations
HGTVTarek El Moussa of “Flip or Flop” is used to selling hot properties, but on his new HGTV show, “Flipping 101 with Tarek El Moussa,” one of the houses he works on literally catches fire!In the episode “A Baptism by Fire,” El Moussa teams up with mother-son team Audrey and Anthony, who are hoping to make a family business out of house flipping. B
realtor.comThe renowned architect Paul Rudolph was one of the leading lights in midcentury modern architecture in southwest Florida. One of the homes he designed, at 3901 Riverview Boulevard in Bradenton, FL, was only briefly on the market before a buyer snapped it up.Listed for $395,000, the home went into pending status after just 10 days on the
Agents are beginning to market what may have been featured as small offices or hallways in the past as designated Peloton or workout areas with the shift to home exercise during the pandemic.Original linkOriginal author: Lillian Dickerson
realtor.comWe’ve seen homes with lazy rivers, bowling alleys, and even zip lines, but this residence in central California has a feature we’ve never seen—a private skate park. This home built for adventure on Nacimiento Lake Drive in Paso Robles, CA, is on the market for $539,000.The residence is being sold as is and has two bedrooms, two bathrooms
A spin-out of an app called ConnectNow, CNipIT is similar to live chat tools. It leverages agent availability and helps keep mobile agents connected to their home offices.Original linkOriginal author: Craig C. Rowe
"Buying a house is a major commitment, which means the person should feel that their job is secure," says NAR's Dr. Yun. Buyers should have sufficient finances for a down payment & extra months of reserve funds, just in case of some life disruption. linkOriginal author: NAR Media Relations
Quarantine has made many buyers realize they have new and urgent unmet needs for their home, now that most plan to spend more time at home than ever before as they learn to navigate a COVID-19 world.Original linkOriginal author: Lillian Dickerson
As homebuying demand returns in some parts of the country, Redfin is calling back approximately 350 furloughed employees, including agents.Original linkOriginal author: Patrick Kearns
Zillow's chief industry development officer talks to Brad Inman on his podcast about the changing value propositions for brokerages in the post-pandemic world. Original linkOriginal author: Inman