Enlightened Home Inspections, LLC

Full Description

Providing residential home inspections and radon testing along the front range.
Enlightened Home Inspections, LLC is owned and operated by Tim Chiles. We provide comprehensive home inspections based on reports that include written descriptions, not checklists. These reports provide clients with explanations and details in order to ensure a solid understanding of the findings during the inspection. The company also prides itself on a code of ethics that will help clients feel they have received fair and honest service and feedback that will aid them in making crucial decisions regarding the property they are buying or selling. Communication is a valuable piece in the process of home inspections and Enlightened Home Inspections, LLC makes this one of their highest priorities. Along with the home inspections, Enlightened Home Inspections, LLC provides at no additional cost a recall check on all appliances and a 90 day warranty. For an additional cost, clients may also choose to have radon testing.


Broomfield, Colorado, United States
16292 High Canal Ct., 80023