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Full-service photography, videography, aerial and virtual tours
What costs more… investing a few hundred dollars in great photos upfront or lowering the asking pricethousands of dollars because of no activity?A proven professional real estate photographer may be your most important marketing resource. Your listing photos are often the firstand only impression you make on a majority of internet shoppers.Professional photography enhances the perceived value of a property and adds clicks and traffic to your listing. A 2016 study of over 1 million home sales proved listings that can be described as having "natural light" sell faster. While HDR and ‘Photoshopping’ have a place in limited situations, these techniques often add false colors, grungy artifacts and fuzzy focus to the image. Paul uses single-exposure, natural light photography to create tack-sharp, natural color images. The property the buyers came to see will match the photos that first caught their eye. Paul offers business certainty, he’s reliable and dependable. The same experienced expert photographs your property every time. You’ll never wonder who the high-turnover local franchise will send. Your photographer is not some stranger who just bought a new camera. With Paul, your agency will present a consistent, high-end look and feel from listing to listing. Paul is a motivated fanatic regarding customer service. He listens, performs and delivers what you want the first time, on time, every time. Paul welcomes direct contact using phone, text and/or email. He doesn’t push you to engage through confusing web portals and on-line shopping carts.Seller requirements can change with little or no warning.  Paul’s flexibility working with your hectic schedule and with your seller's needs is unmatched.


Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States
PO Box 49162, 80949