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What and Why of Probate?
You'll learn why we have a probate process, the steps to a typical informal probate in Colorado, and at what point in the process a property can be sold.

When is it necessary to probate, and when is it not?
Not all properties must go through the probate process. You'll learn the implications and requirements of beneficiary deeds, deeds held in trust, joint tenancy, and tenants in common.

Personal Representative and Contract Authority
Does your seller have the official authority to act on behalf of the estate? We'll cover the process of personal representative appointments and what needs to take place BEFORE signing contracts.

What special closing requirements are involved?
Whether the property was held as joint tenancy, tenants in common, or with a beneficiary deed, we'll cover the requirements necessary to properly transfer title for each scenario.

Common Issues to Avoid
Learn the top misconceptions and mistakes so that you can avoid them.

How do I find property owned by estates?
We'll show you the free step-by-step method of locating the names and addresses of personal representatives who are handling estates with property that may need to be sold.
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