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Daily Dispatch: Brad Inman with Ryan Gorman

Gorman and Inman discuss the details of the just-passed stimulus bill, and how savvy real estate professionals can benefit from it. Original linkOriginal author: Inman
The 880-page bill signed into law by Trump on Friday includes credit protections, foreclosure moratoriums and forbearance on some mortgages.Original linkOriginal author: Patrick Kearns
A couple with two young kids were undertaking a home addition when they decided to also overhaul their outdoor spaces. “The existing space was disconnected and was not functioning for the family needs and wants,” says Ron Swick, owner of Swick’s Orga
If you’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed by the coronavirus pandemic, you’re not alone. It helps during a stressful time like this to take good care of yourself. It’s spring, so going for a walk — at a safe distance from others of course — and enj
realtor.comIn Miami, South Beach is the place to party. But in our current climate, parties have switched over to the virtual variety. If you’re looking for the South Beach lifestyle without the wall-to-wall people at the moment, we totally understan
Visage/Getty ImagesThere’s nothing like spending an extended period of time at home to realize how badly your place needs a makeover.So if you’re one of the millions of people starting to feel stir-crazy during all this social distancing, we’ve got t
Here's some perspective from a contributor who spent a year in a remote Zen temple with 10 hours of meditation each day, which turned into a lifelong contemplative practice.Original linkOriginal author: Paul Hagey
rclassenlayouts/Getty ImagesTake a deep breath. Is the air inside your home stuffy? Don’t delay: Open a window and let fresh air and sunlight into your quarantined space. It won’t just help make your place smell better and feel fresher, it can also m
As the coronavirus epidemic roils American society, it is totally upending the world of real estate. The editorial team is tirelessly covering the impact of the pandemic on trends in the housing market, where mortgage rates are heading, a
realtor.comQuick! Close your eyes and picture a Southern California spec house. Many of the spec homes we see nowadays are sleek, white boxes with a distinctly modern aesthetic.Now open your eyes and behold “Spec House A” in Ojai, CA. And let its old
HGTV; realtor.comTarek El Moussa may have gained fame (or infamy) bickering with ex-wife Christina Anstead on “Flip or Flop,” but on his latest show, “Flipping 101 with Tarek El Moussa,” he shows a whole new side of his personality: teaching new hous
WALKER PICKERING FOR THE WALL STREET JOURNALNot long ago, it crossed Joe and Jennifer’s minds that maybe they had made a mistake installing a 50-foot-long fortified bunker 10 feet below their property in Northern California.Then toilet paper flew off
The stimulus bill, which includes direct payments to Americans and expanded unemployment, was signed by President Donald Trump Friday. Original linkOriginal author: Patrick Kearns
Although many brokerages are offering online training to their agents, some companies are providing online training services to any agent who's interested.Original linkOriginal author: Lillian Dickerson