He Tested His $450,000 Budget All Over New York: Would It Be Williamsburg, Hell’s Kitchen or the South Bronx?

For his first home purchase, a resourceful renter stockpiled a down payment and looked for the ideal spot to invest it.

Homes for Sale in New York State

This week’s properties are in Rockville Centre, N.Y., and Tarrytown, N.Y.

Homes for Sale in Manhattan and the Bronx

This week’s properties are in Manhattan Valley, Hell’s Kitchen and Spuyten Duyvil.

The Best Markets for First-Time Home Buyers

A study ranks U.S. areas for younger buyers based on metrics like availability, affordability, job opportunities and local culture.

$2 Million Homes in Missouri, California and the District of Columbia

An 1896 Beaux-Arts mansion in St. Louis, a Spanish-style home in Pasadena and a 1923 stone house in Washington.

Multigenerational First-Time Home Buying on the Rise Among Latinos

Many are becoming first-time and first-generation homeowners by pooling their family’s resources to buy as a unit.

How to Create a Cozy Room That Feels Like a Hug

‘You can call it different things,’ said one designer, but it ‘all adds up to the same idea: You feel like you want to put your feet up.’

One Family’s Road to Building a House Despite the Obstacles

A family living on the Saint Regis Mohawk Reservation in upstate New York waded through a morass of federal loan programs for their first home. The result was bittersweet.

$800,000 Homes in California

A recently renovated house in Yucca Valley, a three-bedroom home in Benicia and a one-bedroom condominium in Laguna Niguel.

Should You Consider Buying Your Childhood Home?

It might be a sensitive subject to bring up, but a path to homeownership for adult children could also make financial sense for their parents.

How Do I Evict My Roommates?

Even if your rental arrangement is off the books, tenants have legal rights that you need to consider.

7 Tips for Preparing for Your Aurora Move

7 Tips for Preparing for Your Aurora Move Preparing for your Aurora move marks an exciting milestone in your life. As you gear up for this significant change, careful planning and organization will be your best allies! From decluttering and packing to notifying relevant parties, each step plays a big role in ensuring things go well. Researching you...

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She Wanted an R.V. He Wanted a Sailboat. This Was Their Compromise.

Instead of rolling down roads, their motorboat floats down rivers — and it’s as cozy as a woodland cabin. Think of it as a floating R.V.

Where Do Renters Get the Most for Their Dollar?

Hint: It’s where incomes are higher, not where rents are lower, according to a new study.

Their Hearts Were Set on a House in Hudson. Could They Afford the One They Wanted?

Taking their second shot at an upstate New York home, a couple went looking for a place with space for art supplies, music gear and chickens.

Homes for Sale in New York and New Jersey

This week’s properties are a five-bedroom in Scarsdale, N.Y., and a six-bedroom in Leonia, N.J.

Homes for Sale in Manhattan and Brooklyn

This week’s properties are in Greenwich Village, on the Upper East Side and in Downtown Brooklyn.

$300,000 Homes in Texas, Georgia and Nebraska

A two-bedroom cottage in New Braunfels, a one-bedroom condominium in Atlanta and a Craftsman bungalow in Omaha.

Elliott Erwitt’s Co-op and Photo Studio Are Listed on Central Park West

Mr. Erwitt, who died last year, moved to the Brentmore more than 50 years ago. His estate has listed the co-op for $11.5 million and the studio for $2.3 million.

Look to Willows to Brighten Your Winter Garden

But that’s just the beginning: If you want a living fence or something to feed livestock or material for a natural burial, there’s a willow for you.

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