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During Inman Connect Now's Southeast Regional Breakout, agents shared how they're using the digital and analog worlds to thrive through the pandemic.Original linkOriginal author: Marian McPherson
Panelists at the Inman Connect Now Midwest Regional Breakout session discussed their strategies for navigating the pandemic, how they're planning for contingencies and where they see the market headed next year.Original linkOriginal author: Lillian D
As the pandemic shows no signs of abating and the fight for racial justice continues, real estate CEOs say leaders must pay attention to the mental health and well-being of their agents.Original linkOriginal author: Andrea V. Brambila
realtor.com This isn’t the only floating home in the Pacific Northwest—but it is the only one with outer-space vibes. On the market for $850,000, this futuristic-looking home on the water is described in the listing details as “Portland’s most iconic
Agents from across the Southwest shared their tips on how to succeed and expand during an Inman Connect Now session on Tuesday.Original linkOriginal author: Jim Dalrymple II
realtor.com, Warner Brothers/Getty Images It’s amazing what a difference a couple of years—and a couple of talented designers—can make. Two years ago, a famous Hollywood-area home that played a crucial role as Kim Basinger’s residence in the film “L.
New York City buyers are buying based on the home and agnostic to location, looking as far south as Baltimore according to panelists at Inman Connect Now.Original linkOriginal author: Patrick Kearns
realtor.com, Mike Coppola/Getty Images It’s officially the middle of summer, and this steamy weather means that life on the water looks extra enticing. We’re sure a spit of land on one of the country’s most notable beaches—complete with a Tuscan-insp
Getty Images President Donald Trump on Monday raised the possibility of using executive orders to suspend evictions and freeze the collection of payroll taxes, as Democrats and Republicans reported slow progress in their negotiations over another big
During Connect Now, CEO Glenn Sanford shared why the company is launching a consumer-facing platform, and why he believes agents need to make tough decisions with certain vendors.Original linkOriginal author: Patrick Kearns
The former Zillow CEO argued during Inman Connect Now that crises such as the current coronavirus pandemic "have a terrific silver lining for innovators and entrepreneurs." Original linkOriginal author: Jim Dalrymple II
Husband-and-wife team Wendy and Jay Papasan believe periods of crises can be a chance to refocus your financial journey and adopt wealth-building habits. They shared their strategies at Inman Connect Now.Original linkOriginal author: Veronika Bondare
At Inman Connect Now, Brad Inman shared his thoughts on how the industry has thrived through a pandemic and what's next. Read his speech in full. Original linkOriginal author: Marian McPherson