When a Neighbor Dies Unattended, How Should the Building Handle It?

In situations where people have died and their estate is in court, fixing a problem in their former apartment is legally complex.

Luxury Fireplaces Are Keeping New Yorkers Warm This Winter

Once a necessity, fireplaces are now an indulgence in New York City.

Tiny Homes and a Camper Van Allow Two Kite Surfers ‘Freedom’

With a little house in The Hague, a compact getaway on the Italian island of Sardinia and a well-designed camper van, who needs a conventional home?

More Renters Than Ever Before Are Burdened by the Rent They Pay

A new Harvard report says 22.4 million households in the United States now spend more than 30 percent of their income in rent, with 12.1 million spending more than 50 percent.

A Young Family Who ‘Could Move Anywhere’ Chose Denver. But What Could They Afford There?

Life in Cambridge, Mass., wasn’t working out, so two parents introduced their daughter, who has cerebral palsy, to a new city and a new way of life.

Homes for Sale in New York and New Jersey.

This week’s properties are a three-bedroom in Port Washington, N.Y., and a four-bedroom in Belle Mead, N.J.

Homes for Sale in Manhattan and Queens

This week’s properties are in Lincoln Square, the financial district and Astoria.

Where Can Gen Z Buy a Home?

Older members of the generation are early in their careers, and they face increases in inflation, home prices and interest rates.

Tell Us What Happened to Your House in the Divorce

The New York Times is looking to talk to people about how they divided their property assets during a divorce.

Have You Lived Out of Your Storage Unit? We Would Like to Hear From You.

With the housing crisis worsening and homelessness on the rise, some people have resorted to living out of storage units. Please contact us if you have.

$10 Million Homes in Virginia, Massachusetts and Illinois

An 1856 estate in Keswick, a six-bedroom compound on Nantucket and a Colonial Revival house in Hinsdale.

How Chaos at a Realtors Group Could Change the Industry

The National Association of Realtors is facing antitrust lawsuits and sexual harassment allegations, and real estate agents are now looking for alternatives.

In Australia, a Revamped Victorian With a Moody Modernist Vibe

It’s not as scary as it sounds: ‘It’s just joyful and really easy to live in.’

National Association of Realtors Faces Competition From New Group

Mauricio Umansky, a celebrity agent, and Jason Haber, a vocal critic of N.A.R., say it’s time for an alternative to the longtime organization.

$2 Million Homes in California

A Tudor Revival house in Berkeley, a two-bedroom condominium in Los Angeles and a 10-acre retreat in Murrieta.

That Broken Intercom in Your Apartment Is Illegal. Here’s What to Do.

A working intercom isn’t just a convenience when visitors or food deliveries arrive — it’s a legal requirement in most buildings.

Is This Really ‘the Worst Time to Buy a Home’?

Maybe — but it’s not a terrible time to rent.

How to Design A Kid’s Room: Space-Saving Storage and Clutter Control

Most children have a lot of stuff, and they aren’t always inclined to tidy it up. Here’s how to embrace the abundance — and create tools to manage it.

Is Your Rent Too High? We Want to Hear From You.

At a time of crushing housing costs, we are looking to speak with renters who pay half of their income in rent.

After Raising a Family in the West Village, She Began Again in Her Own Place

After her husband died, a retired librarian decided to leave their townhouse and strike out on her own in a one-bedroom apartment nearby. Here’s what she found for around $800,000.

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