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4 Total hours
0 Elective hours
4 Annual Commission Update hours

Each year, the Annual Commission Update (ACU) Course provides important information related to regulatory changes and issues affecting Colorado real estate practice.

This four-hour course meets the regulatory requirements for CO broker continuing education. It highlights compliance issues, reviews general practice knowledge, and summarizes recent regulatory and Commission changes that affect the real estate industry. In addition, it increases licensee competency so that brokers may better serve consumers.

Caveat: To ensure you're in compliance with updated rules and regulations, this course is best taken at the beginning to middle of the year! Also, the Commission would like to remind licensees that the ACU is not a contracts course. You'll want to ensure you take steps required so that you understand current contracts on a deeper level.

This course covers:

- Common compliance issues, including new rule highlights, DORA investigative statistics, top violations, and continuing education issues
- Adverse material fact disclosure, including a case study of how things can go wrong
- Intellectual property as it relates to real estate practice
- Technology and privacy issues
- Legislation impacting property management, including habitability, bed bugs, and tenant health and safety
- New forms and changes including listing contracts, bills of sale, and closing instructions
- Resources for licensees
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