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3 Total hours
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In Colorado, this course is also approved under Rule A-27(B)(3), which allows real estate licensees to use the course toward their pre-license requirements necessary to become an Employing Broker.

Fair housing law presents an ever changing landscape as new forms of discrimination reach legislative awareness. Licensees have a responsibility to stay informed to ensure compliance with federal, state, and local fair housing laws.

On the heels of the 50-year anniversary of the Fair Housing Act, we review the evolution of fair housing law and look at new and proposed fair housing protections.

Course Highlights

- Up-to-the-minute case studies in fair housing violations
- An analysis of the benefits of fair housing compliance
- A review of regulatory changes relating to fair housing
- A primer on how to ensure fair housing compliance in advertising
- How sexual orientation and criminal record screening apply to fair housing
- Two proposed additions to the list of seven federally protected classes
- A deep look at the protected class most often named in fair housing complaints: disability, including how service animals, emotional support animals, hoarding, drug addiction, obesity, smoking, and alcoholism relate
- Videos commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Fair Housing Act
- A glimpse into the future of fair housing law
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