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Real estate is no stranger to the white collar criminal, as fraud has become a major issue in the industry. Many lawbreakers use real estate as a vehicle to steal the life savings of unsuspecting homeowners and defraud lenders out of millions of dollars for their own gain. Federal, state, and local governments have taken steps to combat real estate fraud, but it remains a major problem—and one you need to have a solid understanding of to ensure you're able to shield your clients and yourself from being defrauded or unknowingly committing fraud.

Keeping It Honest: Understanding Real Estate and Mortgage Fraud has been updated to discuss the latest fraudulent schemes and explain recent government initiatives aimed at stopping fraud and protecting consumers.

Course highlights include:

- An overview of fraud and its impact on the real estate industry.
- An examination of the newest and most prevalent types of fraudulent schemes.
- A detailed description of red flag behaviors that suggest someone is engaging in fraud.
- Recommendations on how to report fraudulent or suspected fraudulent activities to the proper authorities.
- An analysis of key government initiatives aimed at stopping fraud and protecting consumers.
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