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The stock market has dropped over 30% this year at one point. If you or your clients are fed up with the volatility in the stock market then this class is for you. I am more convinced than ever that real estate is where we need to be investing our hard-earned Dollars. Plus, I have been deeply passionate about real estate investing for a long time and the impact it can MAKE IN YOUR LIFE and your clients’ lives!

Real estate has created more millionaires than any other asset class. And not only can real estate create wealth long-term; it also provides an unmatched income stream that acts like a pension for you in retirement.

Thus, I am teaching my class titled "How to Create a Pension Using Real Estate".

Here is what you will learn.
• Why you can’t count on pensions, Social Security, or IRAs/401ks
• How just 2 rentals can create a predictable lifetime income stream
• Learn the 6 tax advantages with investment real estate
• Learn the 10 benefits of investing in real estate
• 5 ways to acquire properties
• The pros and cons of each property type
• Over 20 great insider property manager tips
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