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Explore Bendigo Terrace House: Your Gateway to Scenic Serenity

By Michael Madsen in General 21st Nov, 2023 Video Duration: 00:02:30
Welcome to Bendigo Terrace House, a masterpiece of modern architecture that stands out among Bendigo's vineyards and rock formations, with stunning views of Lake Dunstan and the Pisa Mountains.

The house is designed around two floating linear planes: the roof and the floor. These planes extend beyond the walls, creating protected outdoor spaces and giving the house a feeling of lightness and delicacy. The home's elevated location offers panoramic views during all seasons, with a glass façade that opens completely to the spectacular views.

Inside, the living space invites cozy moments around the shale fireplace and is separated from the kitchen and dining room by a textured wood ceiling, which adds warmth and texture. The kitchen, clad in dark wood, creates an internal box-shaped form within the house, defining the walls of the bedroom and the second living room. The heated concrete floor provides a subtle foundation for the house, which extends to the outdoor terraces, where shale is used both inside and outside, adding texture to the elegant architecture.

A notable feature of this house is how it copes with Otago's variable climate. A rigorous design approach prioritized passive solar design, with the roof extending 1 meter beyond the ground floor to provide shade during the hot summer months and allow sunlight in during the winter, warming the building's thermal mass.

Local materials play a key role in the home's identity, with cedar and light-stained shale siding on the exterior walls, connecting the structure to the adjacent rocky hillside and regional history. Inside, minimalism is maintained with polished concrete floors, dark wood and slatted ceilings, which not only create visual interest but also improve acoustic performance.

The house was built in stages to accelerate habitability, with the first pavilion including the living areas and master bedroom, and the second pavilion containing guest bedrooms, laundry and wine cellar, completed in 2022.

Project credits:

Title: Bendigo Terrace House
Location: Bendigo, Central Otago, New Zealand
Year: 2022
Area: 382 m²
Designed by: Condon Scott Architects
Photos: Simon Larkin
Manufacturers: Cosentino, Airmax, Blum, Casa Mia, Cavalier Bremworth, Clipsal, Colorsteel, Escea, Fisher and Paykel, HERMPAC, Independent Doors, Metalworks Wānaka, Resene, Velux, Vistalite

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