Homeowners lose equity for 1st time in over a decade: Report

The typical U.S. homeowner with a mortgage lost about $5,400 in equity in the first quarter of 2023 compared to a year earlier, CoreLogic said.

Seamless transactions and the crucial role of buyer consultations

New Inman Access now streaming! Tune in this week to better understand the key essentials of buyer consultations and learn how to utilize circle prospecting to grow your business.

Your best year ever! 3 areas of focus and 21 strategies that pay

Great agents do daily what good agents do occasionally. Let Jimmy Burgess walk you through 21 best marketing practices to grow your business.

Mastering delegation: What to do when you can’t do it all

Mastering the art of delegation is a critical skill for leaders ascending the ranks in the real estate industry, writes The Agency's Rainy Hake Austin.

Mauricio Umansky knows a thing or 2 about leveraging media coverage

No matter how many years of real estate experience you have, thoughtfully embracing and leveraging media coverage can be a highly impactful way to amplify your brand, expand your business and gain new clients.

What is the meaning of full service?

Does "full-service real estate" really mean anything, or is it just something brokerages say to charge higher fees? Teresa Boardman looks at the service-shortfalls of so-called full-service brokerages and teams.

5 game-changing ways to harness AI for real estate marketing

Harnessing the power of AI in your marketing plan doesn't mean you're abdicating control, writes Chris Pollinger. Instead, it means you're arming yourself with a powerful ally that can help you navigate the complex world of real estate marketing with more clarity, precision, and insight.

And the trending interior design colors for 2023 are …

Everything’s coming up roses in the design world, with many interior tastemakers leaning into corals, reds and berries to reflect their emphasis on bold colors inspired by nature.

Mortgage rates ease but fail to revive homebuyer demand

Some Fed policymakers say even if they skip hiking rates next week to assess the latest inflation data, that doesn't mean they're ready to pause altogether.

Third of homes now purchased in cash, highest level in 9 years

A new report released by Redfin found that 33.4 percent of home purchases were made in cash during April 2023 — up from 30.7 percent a year earlier.

Oxygen loss may have led to crash that killed Keller Williams agent

Adina Azarian died Sunday when the small plane she was on crashed in Virginia. Investigators are now exploring the possibility that hypoxia impacted people on the Cessna 560 Citation V.

Credit-building app for renters, Boom, reports $4.5M seed round

"We invested heavily into building our end-to-end software solution for rent reporting and consumer app layer and now we’re focused on revolutionizing the entire renter experience," said Boom CEO and co-founder Rob Whiting.

ChatGPT plugin to boost TopHap’s market data visualizations

TopHap, a geospatial data visualization company that supports the real estate industry in relocation, development and marketing decisions, is now in beta testing with OpenAI’s ChatGPT plugin, the artificial intelligence tool that is rapidly expanding its presence in the industry, the company told Inman.

Hotelier gives up on 2 hotels in San Francisco, citing ‘major challenges’

Park Hotels & Resorts CEO Thomas Baltimore says city's "major challenges" include weak conference outlook, high office vacancy rate and "street conditions" when announcing the move.

Zillow, Anywhere and Compass vanish from annual Fortune 500 list

The real estate giants' omission from Fortune's annual list of the biggest companies illustrates just how far industry players have fallen as a result of a housing contraction that began in 2022.

The uphill battle to cash in on tech: ‘Agents don’t know what they want’

As the market for proptech nears $100 billion, executives at companies like Contactually and Trackxi are grappling with a paradox: As supply grows, demand from brokerages and agents is narrowing.

3 Instagram alternatives so you never have to cold call again

Whether you've always hated cold calling or never started in the first place, these ideas from social media strategist Michelle Berman-Mickel, will help you lead gen on Instagram instead.

Thad Wong and Chris Lim pop the hood on Christie’s proprietary tech

During the 18 months that have taken place since the acquisition, the firm has gradually rolled out its proprietary technology, pl@tform, to Christie's affiliates and early adopters are now seeing "great impacts," said Thad Wong.

MLS photo compliance drives latest Restb.ai partnership

Restb.ai, a software company that has pioneered use of computer vision, a form of artificial intelligence, in the residential real estate space, has cemented its latest multiple listing service relationship.

DOJ: NAR commission and pocket listing investigation should resume

The U.S. Department of Justice wants "to resume its consequential investigation of conduct that affects over $100 billion in broker fees paid by Americans annually," according to an appeal.

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