, home of ChatGPT, approaches 1B monthly visitors

Web activity grew by 54 percent in March 2023, easily the greatest increase of all top-ranking websites worldwide, according to Veza Digital.

Does this financial analyst have an economic crystal ball?

Could an obscure chart provide a roadmap for investment? Bernice Ross talks with money mentor Chris Naugle about this little-known pattern of economic highs and lows dating all the way back to the 19th century.

Home Depot unveils hefty 540-square-foot tiny home for $44,000

The Getaway Pad from PLUS 1 Homes generated buzz online over the weekend for its low price tag. But the mother of all tiny home requires more than $44,000 to be inhabitable, early adopters warn.

Am I too old to post on Instagram?

Instagram isn't just for 21-year-old would-be models. Sue "Pinky" Benson shares why Gen-X is the fastest-growing group on the platform and why you should be there, too.

Tech-driven horizons: The evolution of building and construction

Explore how innovative solutions are revolutionizing new development from a historically building-centric view to a tenant-centric approach, in this must-watch Inman Access class.

Here’s what agents are pulling down at the top US brokerages

With fewer transactions in play, agent recruitment and retention comes down, in many cases, to the way agents are compensated, writes Mike DelPrete.

You owe it to yourself to challenge buyer love letter misinformation

Question misconceptions and challenge the status quo to put this powerful buyer tool to work for your hopeful clients, writes trainer Darryl Davis.

Keller Williams’ Laurie Reader: It’s ‘a full-blown, skill-based market’

Ahead of her appearance at Inman Connect Las Vegas, the CEO of Laurie Finkelstein Reader Real Estate shares why absorbing information and attending events is more crucial than ever in 2023.

WATCH: The right lender can make buyer love letters obsolete

Not crazy about buyer love letters? Mortgage expert Rick Guerrero says that a great lender can reach out to the listing agent on a buyer's behalf to offer information and reassurance.

The 5 most sought-after design trends in flooring

The floors underfoot have a powerful bearing on the quality and character of the home. Flooring brings cohesion to the design while allowing each room’s distinct personality to stand apart. Here are the trends that will help any property shine.

Guaranteed Rate’s Same Day Mortgage provides buyers, sellers, and their agents more certainty, ease, and speed

Same Day Mortgage delivers exactly what it promises – loan approval in less than 24 hours. Since launching earlier this year, Same Day Mortgage has closed more than $2B in loans. Many applications are approved in four hours or less.

The agent’s guide to crafting a winning unique value proposition

Your unique value proposition is more than just a catchy slogan, writes media expert Jeremy Knauff. It’s a powerful way to differentiate yourself from your competition.

Quality control standards for AVMs may cover discrimination

Proposed standards would include random sample testing and reviews to ensure a "high level of confidence" in the estimates produced by AVMs.

A 4-decade first, TopProducer rolls out lead-gen features

"Before coming to the market with our first lead product to connect consumers with real estate professionals, we wanted to create even more meaningful conversations for agents by enhancing our proven lead engagement technology," TopProducer's Kerm Foltz said.

ChatGPT plugin to empower Zumper search experience

Machine learning has been a component of Zumper's overall solution for some time, but its ChatGPT use will enhance consumer-facing interactions primarily in terms of search, according to the company.

Mortgage rates ease on debt deal, but jobs report fuels inflation fears

Friday's strong jobs report renews worries that the Federal Reserve is not done hiking rates to combat inflation as policymakers face June 14 decision to "hike, skip or pause."

Apartment at Jay-Z’s former ‘stash spot’ lists for $1.4M

The two-bedroom apartment at 560 State St. in the Boerum Hill neighborhood is in the building eulogized by the rapper as his former "stash spot" in his 2009 hit "Empire State of Mind."

UrbanDigs launches custom advisory service for NYC agents

Reports from UD Advisor examine listings and specific situations with hyper-local market data, relevant sales and custom analytics from UrbanDigs to provide agents with actionable, data-based recommendations for their businesses, Inman has exclusively learned.

SphereBuilder, another social media engine or something more? Tech Review

SphereBuilder offers listing marketing, marketing analytics, ideas for improving your online presence and a host of features to produce and measure digital marketing.

Airbnb sues New York City over ‘de facto ban’ on short-term rentals

Readers who prioritize second homes and investment properties turn to Inman’s weekly Property Portfolio email newsletter, whether they’re agents who work with this special class of clients or investors themselves. This month, we’ll go deeper on everything from the latest at Airbnb and Vrbo to the changes investors are making to their portfolios in a […]

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