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The Indiana Pacers guard Malcolm Brogdon has been busy off the court in the real estate game. The Georgia native has leveled up his housing situation in the Peach State.  In November 2021, he snagged a brand-new build in Atlanta. The custom abode had
There are homes—and then there are self-sustaining compounds constructed so that an owner never has to leave. That is an apt way to describe this 323-acre spread with multiple homes in Battle Creek, MI—midway between Chicago and Detroit. The property
In his annual letter to clients, the luxury broker and star of "Million Dollar Listing New York" sang the praises of blockchain technology and its expanding impact on the real estate industry.Original link
Discount brokerage says, "Oregon failed to show any reason why consumers should be forced to pay thousands of dollars more to buy homes."Original link
Reali picked up San Diego's TXR Homes just months after it announced a new funding round that netted the company $250 million, it was announced Wednesday.Original link
Keller Williams Sports and Entertainment gives agents and teams exclusive access to specialized tools and training that help them serve athletes and entertainers. Access to the agent community is $199 per month, and open enrollment ends Feb. 5.Origin
Launched in 2019, Dippidi assists brokerages and agents in creating and running online advertising campaigns, namely on Facebook and Google's PPC platform.Original link
Many sellers believe that they must sell their home in either the spring or summer, however, listing during the winter months is not as uncommon as you may think. There are various reasons that a good majority of people prefer to sell their home duri...
Divorce happens. And whether you’re consciously uncoupling or unceremoniously ending a failing relationship, splitting up for good can be a long and emotionally draining period wrought with legal fees and endless paperwork. On top of all that, there’
Hilary Farr has renovated plenty of homes so they’re more functional—first on “Love It or List It,” and now on her new show, “Tough Love With Hilary Farr.” But sometimes, the biggest problem is not the house itself but what the homeowner has chosen t
The former shortstop dropped $9.9 million for the co-op in the legendary Beresford Building at 211 Central Park West.Original link
We’ve got a full slate of virtual and in-person events planned for the best community in real estate. As you dive into the year ahead, make sure these dates are on your calendar.Original link
Bay Equity Home Loans closed nearly 10 times as many loans as Redfin Mortgage in 2021.Original link
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